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Hope + Action: Action Ministries Announces Upcoming Merger with Hope Atlanta




Action Ministries, Inc. has announced that the organization plans to merge with Hope Atlanta, another non-profit dedicated to fighting homelessness and food insecurity. The merger is expected to be complete in January 2021, and will result in the formation of a new organization combining the resources of Hope Atlanta and Action Ministries.

The North Georgia Conference celebrates all that Action Ministries has accomplished in its more than 50-year history, and all that the newly formed organization will accomplish through this merger. 

The Conference will work to develop a Statement of Relationship with the new organization in the coming months. 

Action Ministries, Inc. was founded in 1963 by The United Methodist Church as Urban Action, but it has long operated as a separate non-profit with an extensive network of community partners. Action Ministries is operated by an independent Board of Directors. 
Find answers to questions in this FAQ. The North Georgia Conference will continue to share information and updates as they are available.




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