Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs


Hoosier Memorial United Methodist Church is a family of Christian believers committed to the followings and teachings of Christ.  We believe that true Christian growth is achieved through a commitment to the spiritual disciplines.  Toward that end, we reflect a Christ-like image and lead others by precept and example to the joys of Christian living.  Our goal is to be a beacon of strength to all followers through involvement and by serving the needs of the community.  Therefore it is vital to go beyond the confines of the church building itself and reach out to others wherever they may be.  In so doing, we will develop our God-given talents for His highest good. 


As a United Methodist Body, we believe:

  • In a triune God:  Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • In the grace of God, i.e., that God extends mercy, love and forgiveness to all people
  • In the mystery of salvation through Jesus Christ
  • In the Holy Scriptures as the primary basis for our teachings and actions
  • That the sacraments of water Baptism and Holy Communion, which we recognize and celebrate, symbolize the grace of God through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

                              The foundations for our beliefs include: Scripture, tradition, experience and reasoning.



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